When the first white settlers came to the Rock Lake area, they heard the legends from the Ho Chunk tribe. Legends that had passed down to them from their ancestors, legends of an ancient tribe who built stone structures on the shores of a very different Rock Lake. At that time, “rock tepees” were still visible when water levels were low, but soon after, the flowage was dammed and the level of Rock Lake rose. The stone structures disappeared beneath the surface of the water and became the stuff of legends.

Add to that, sittings of a Loch Ness like monster (Rocky to the natives) and you have yourself a mystery waiting to be solved.

Are the structures a hoax, or are they the deposits left behind by glaciers? Is Rocky the result of too much time at the local tavern, a huge Muskie or a pre-historic monster? Look into the legends and decide yourself!

Here we will direct you to sites that recount some of the thoughts and theories that have been proposed to explain these structures and other unusual happenings and items found around our mystical lake.

Legends Online

A good place to start learning about Lake Mills and the area surrounding Rock Lake is the site of the Lake Mills Aztalan Historical Society. This site is a treasure trove of information on the ancient city of Aztalan and the not so ancient city of Lake Mills. Many photos, old maps, and historical resources.

The Wisconsin Archeologist, Vol. 5 No. 4, September, 1926
A time capsule of Lake Mills geography at the time and a great resource for locating Indian mounds, many maps. You need to page in about 60 pages, the booklet is entitled Rock Lake.

Is Rock Lake covering the remains of Atlantis? Find out more at the Weird Tourist Attractions website.

Here’s an interesting thread from a discussion on ancient & lost civilizations on Above Top Secret.com, it was started in 2007 but has had some activity as late as April of 2009 by a Lake Mills resident. Badgerpolo, contact the Main Street Program, we’d love to talk to you!

There’s even a Weird Wisconsin website, of course we are listed there too. By the way, the photo is fake!

Our “rock teepees” have rated a couple of pages in “101 Wisconsin Unsolved Mysteries.” Right in between all the murders and disappearances are the Rock Lake pyramids. Here’s another book excerpt, this one brings up cannibalism (did we peak your interest?)

And of course we’re featured in Weird Wisconsin, they cover all kinds of legends here. From the Princess of Aztalan to the true inventor of SCUBA.

This is an old article but there is a good drawing of what some of these structures are reported to look like.

Here is an article from 1989 that was in the Janesville Gazette.

This is an interesting account from diver Mike Ault, who dove Rock Lake in 2007.

Here’s a good link, a podcast from the radio show Darkness Radio, listen to the March 28, 2009 show. Its an interview with author Frank Joseph.

And finally accounts of meeting Rocky.

Legends in print:
“The Lost Pyramids of Rock Lake’ and “Atlantis in Wisconsin” both written by Frank Joseph

“The Dragon in the Lake” by Archie Eschborn (ISBN Hardcover 1-4134-6033-X / ISBN Soft cover 1-4134-6032-1)

Legends on tape:
The History Channel series “Digging for the Truth” episode entitled “America’s
Pyramids” featuring a dive into Rock Lake by the program’s host Josh Bernstein.

Discovery Channel series “Beyond Bizarre” and ” On The Inside” series.

A & E featured a segment on Rock Lake on series “Secrets of the Pyramids” episode entitled “The Unexplained.”
What do you think???